Terra Meera is a newly founded Center for Regeneration and Human Potential, born in Croatia. Located in an abandoned valley, Terra Meera pioneers are laying the foundations for a community project dedicated to local and regenerative agriculture in the area.

This campaign will plant a biodiverse and native fruit forest, revitalise the Terra Meera land, support the local economy and create a source of food and educational opportunities for local and international communities.

As a pioneering force in Croatian private higher education, Aspira College educates and inspires future changemakers. We cultivate an impact-oriented culture across our student body – shaping innovative mindsets, developing in-demand skills, and instilling responsible global perspectives.

Staying attuned to industry evolution through academic research and corporate partnerships, Aspira’s hands-on curriculum equips graduates to nimbly meet real-world demands. Our programs in Sports Management, Hospitality, Software Engineering and Gastronomy deliver cutting-edge expertise for driving progress whether launching startups, influencing policy decisions or leading teams.

We empower students to turn academic lessons into action by addressing society’s greatest challenges. Aspira alumni graduate as agile creative thinkers and compassionate leaders equipped to make their mark as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and engaged citizens bettering their communities. Our graduates pursue fulfilling lives of contribution as the CEOs of their own ventures or the catalysts of positive change within organizations.

Krka National Park, one of eight national parks in Croatia, is a significant ecological treasure not only within the country but also in a broader European context. It plays a crucial role in preserving a diverse array of plant, bird and fish species, making it a vital component of the region’s biodiversity. Situated in the central Dalmatian region, it spans over 142 square kilometers, including two-thirds of the Krka River with its unique travertine formations and waterfalls, particularly Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap, regarded as some of the most exquisite in all of Europe.